Questology 101 Damsels in Distress

Questology 101: How to A Distinguish Damsel in Distress from an Evil Enchantress

It has been some time, dear readers, since I have received missives of any sort from the Spy with his villainous findings or from Sir Galgadin at the Warrior-in-Hero-Training School of the Round Table. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered the following message fastened by an arrow to a tree beside my house. I share it here for your reading pleasure.  When venturing forth on quests of derring-do, one will inevitably cross paths with a number of strangers. Some will doubtless be dangerous. Some will be innocent … [Read More...]

What Readers Are Saying…

Gillian Bronte Adams' novel, Orphan's Song, begins with the thunderous beat of griffin's wings and never lets up... Adams' characters are colorful, witty, and heartwarming. Her tale is a welcome melody that our souls long to sing. A new voice in fantasy, sure to thrill readers of many ages.

Best Selling Author, The Door Within Trilogy

Beware of Gillian Bronte Adams! Her writing will catch you by the scruff of your tunic and drag you into one marvelous adventure after another. Of course... if that is what you want, then by all means pick up her latest novella, Out of Darkness Rising - you won't be disappointed!

Award Winning Author, The Merlin Spiral

The world in Orphan's Song was beautiful and wild and dangerous, and I loved it. It felt somehow natural, and not even put on display like many fantasy worlds; it was all there, but neither over-stressed, nor too much in the background.

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